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VOTE THE R, a Super PAC based in Florida, is making a $25,000 digital ad buy in California. The video, "California Freedom," already has 1.3 million views on the PAC's social media platforms.

The ad will target Californians throughout the state, exposing Governor Gavin Newsom's ridiculous hypocrisy while giving its despondent citizens hope. It will also target lawmakers in the state’s capitol of Sacramento, reconvening from summer recess on August 1st. Gavin Newsom will see this ad unless he’s vacationing in Montana or one of the other 21 states he banned state-funded travel.


The video is a response to Newsom’s ad, placed in Florida. Although not meant to be funny, his ad hilariously celebrated freedom in, of all places, California. Incredibly, Newsom attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who made the right call to keep Florida free and schools open. 

VOTE THE R wants the people of California, who have not yet fled to Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Texas, or Florida, to know that freedom-loving Americans stand with them. 

For media requests email:

Info //at // VoteTheR dot com


VOTE THE R was founded to revolutionize the Republican Party's brand culturally and generationally, utilizing emotion, provocative humor, and targeted, aggressive language aimed at tackling challenging conversations and exposing political hypocrisy. 


TREY RADEL, based in Florida, is the founder of VOTE THE R. He produces, writes, edits, voices, and scores the most bangin’ beats you will ever hear from any conservative organization. Radel works as an actor, a show host on a Florida FOX affiliate, and a political consultant. A lifetime ago, Radel served in the United States Congress, and before that, he worked as a TV News Anchor & Reporter and a print journalist, publishing and eventually selling a local newspaper in Southwest Florida.

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