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Republicans, after COVID we have been handed a once in a lifetime chance to revolutionize our brand


We have to remind America what Democrats did and are doing, and how conservative policy can save our country


Fox News, NYC

"Stand Up to the Man," "Fight the Power," "Rage Against the Machine" liberals are all dead, replaced with insane progressive tyrants. 


The past three years of heavy-handed, blue state COVID-19 measures exposed the Democrat Party for what it is: an organization hellbent on total control. Democrats are no longer the cool kids. 


Today’s Democratic Party is the party of people who are more concerned with masks and pronouns than helping families keep food on the table. 


When you couple staples like wildly expensive gas and groceries, with the authoritarian, condescending progressives "running" the country, this moment presents a rare historical opportunity for the Republican Party to redefine Democrats, revolutionize their own brand, and radically change the trajectory of our nation for generations, culturally and politically. 


This starts with tapping into the anger of Millennials and Gen Z, and doing so with provocative messaging, laced with biting humor. Republicans must commit to what Democrats have mastered— emotion. 


In a project launching this week, called VOTE THE R, we’re doing just that. 


Trey Radel is a former Republican who represented Florida in the United States House of Representatives. He is currently a Fox News Radio Affiliate show host, and president of Vote the R Political Action Committee.  

FOX News
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By Trey Radel 
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