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The Most Unique, Hypertargeted Political Campaign in the United States Converting Voters to VOTE THE R,

Vote Republican.

VTR will unleash unique, culturally-centered messaging, hypertargeting by age, race, ethnicity, and culture.


$325,000 / 4 Months


First Demos: African-American & Hispanic Voters

(Timeline & Goals Below Videos)

RADIO: 50 Years of Democrats

SOCIAL VID: Is This Our Party?

SOCIAL VID: Biden and Black America


Two Phases | Three Cities

PHASE 1: July & August

Define Democrats

PHASE 2: September & October

Define Republican policy, highlighting tangible benefits


CITIES: Atlanta, Cincinnati & Orlando

Metro areas in swing states with Senate races and potential House seats

POLITICAL GOAL: While the PAC can support specific candidates,

the goal is as simple as the name of the committee: VOTE THE R 


Radio: Hip-Hop, R&B, Modern Latino  |   Digital: All Major Platforms

Target demographic: 35+ African American & Hispanic


Radio | Digital

TOTAL: $325,000

$222,500 - Radio Ads

$87,500 Atlanta - 4 stations | $75,000 Cincinnati - 3 stations | $60,000 Orlando - 2 stations 


$37,000 Digital Radio - streaming devices across the three said cities


$65,500 - Digital Buy across 3 major cities. Display and Social Media Ads.

Target demographic 30+ African-American, Hispanic. 625k impressions.



FLORIDA: Seminole County - convert 12,000 votes

Ron DeSantis lost by 3,575 votes / 1.8% in Seminole

OHIO: Hamilton County - convert 70,000 votes

R lost by 63,288 votes / 18.8% in Hamilton 

GEORGIA: Cobb & Newton County - convert 45,000 votes & 6,500 votes

R lost by 10.6% in Cobb / 10.8% in Newton County

VOTE THE R is run by Trey Radel, a former Congressman, TV News Anchor and Reporter, who currently works as a conservative talk show host, political consultant, and occasionally as an actor.


Radel is trilingual and has lived, traveled, or worked in more than 50 countries.


He currently resides in Florida, lived in Atlanta, and was born and raised in Cincinnati.

CONTACT TREY: 305-791-0274 / Trey at Trey Radel dot com

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